Hi, my name is Leonid. I’ve graduated in computer science in early 2016, with a focus on image processing and computer graphics, while also being highly interested in machine learning and computer vision. The purpose of this site is to showcase a few of my projects, passions, insights and opinions.

“burn the land and boil the sea
but you can’t take the sky from me”

– Joss Whedon's “Firefly” Theme

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  • singlepass-svd-benchmark-m4000.png

    Single-pass Singular Value Decomposition in Python

    Lately, I came across the necessity to compute the SVD of huge matrices quickly, that are too large to be kept in system memory entirely. I found a randomized SVD algorithm, whose authors claim it to be incredibly fast, particularly in that use-case. Seeing that there wasn’t a Python implementation available yet, I decided to write my own.

  • Support Vector Machines and the Kernel Trick

    In the winter term of 2014/15, I participated in a machine learning class. There were many topics that I found interesting, but for some reason, the so-called kernelized support vector machines stood out. Maybe, because dealing with them often felt like voodoo – until I encountered a vivid interpretation, that I think is worth sharing with anybody who also thinks that kSVM are a hard nut to crack.

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    The operation of convolving two objects is linear, regardless of their dimension. This allows it to be written as a matrix-vector-product, which turns out to be quite handy. A small Python 2.7 module, that emerged as a side-product of my master thesis, allows such expressions to be implemented directly, in an efficient, high-level manner.

  • DVRControl


    Carna is a project I’ve been working on since 2010. The goal is to provide a lightweight library for simple and fast visualization of CT data. The name is borrowed from the Greek god of organs. The library uses OpenGL 3.3 and Eigen 3 and is written in C++.

  • IMG_2336

    Easter Days 2016

    Some pictures I took at Hunsrück during the Easter days of 2016.

  • IMG_1279

    Two rainy days of Hamburg

    At the end of May 2015, I spent a weekend at Hamburg. I’ve already been there once three years ago, but didn’t bring my camera with me at that time. Now it was the time to catch up. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t very enjoyable.

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  • Wi-Fi Android Debugging

    When developing apps for the Android platform, the necessity of having the test device connected to the computer can get quite annoying. It gets even more inconvenient when you want to keep using the device without detaching and attaching the USB cable all the time, or when one wants to test display orientation changes. What I learned today is that one doesn’t have to keep the device connected via USB at all: Wi-Fi is fully sufficient.

  • Fluent video streaming with Chromecast

    Chromecast is a cheap HDMI dongle from Google, whose purpose is to mirror content from Android devices to the TV. Furthermore it allows streaming from a regular computer to the TV, although latter only worked well with YouTube in the past. Other video services often made the frame rate drop significantly. But there is a solution.

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